Monday, March 1, 2010

Open Source: the New Thought Crime

From the UK's Guardian: When using open source makes you an enemy of the state:
[Andres] Guadamuz has done some digging and discovered that an influential lobby group is asking the US government to basically consider open source as the equivalent of piracy - or even worse.
... seems astonishing to me that anyone should imply that simply recommending open source products - products that can be more easily tailored without infringing licensing rules - "undermines" anything.
I'm astonished as well. I'd like to see governments put more emphasis on developing and using open source software.


Unknown said...

I guess the whitehouse will have to get a new $17 mil website since its built on drupal (an open source cms).

dsm said...

@Darren Yup. And, presumably, VA hospitals using VistA for their electronic medical records will have to move to an EMR that makes campaign contributions.

And think of all the jobs that can be created by moving off of Apache and to IIS. The Federal government is a giant make work project. They should federalize the glaziers and just smash all our windows.