Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Remember, Remember the 5th of November *UPDATED*

Paul Curtman begins his political career

Marine veteran Paul Curtman's political career began on July 27th when he provided a two-and-a-half minute lesson on the US Constitution at Senator Claire McCaskill's Inadvertent Tea Party. Paul was recruited by the Republican party to run for state rep in the 105th. The 105th is a blue collar district that leans left on union issues.

Curtman's running against an incumbent, Michael Frame, who is both a Navy vet and an SEIU member. Frame first won the 105th in 2006 by an 11 point margin. In 2008 he ran unopposed.

There's a lot of work ahead for Curtman, but he's willing to make the sacrifices to get it done. I interviewed him a couple weeks back and one of the things I asked him about was what he was cutting out of his life to focus on his political career. He told me that he'd given up his job! He doesn't feel that he can give his employer an honest day's work if he has to address the demands of a campaign. He's also the sort that doesn't do things halfway.

To win the 105th in 2010, Curtman needs to jump start his fund raising. On Wednesday I got an email from his campaign about his Remember, Remember; the 5th of November fundraiser. The email states: "[Paul Curtman] needs 300 people to donate $100 on this day to shift his campaign into high gear, but please, give what you can." He's also looking for volunteers. As I indicated above, Paul's willing to make significant personal sacrifices for the people of the 105th. If you can sacrifice $5, $10, $20, $50, or even $100, Curtman will put it to good use.

UPDATE: While Paul did not reach his goal of three hundred doners as of 9:50PM Thursday night, he did report a strong showing. He told me that his first contribution came in at 12:01AM and that he received donations from Rodeo, CA to Woodruff, SC. Among his donors were lawyers, entertainers, veterans, and union members. The average donation was more than $100. Paul's planning to do a similar fundraiser next quarter.

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SallyW said...

We'll see you up here in Macon County on Thursday, Paul!!
You're a great American!