Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Interview with James O'Keefe

Interview with James O'Keefe

Monday morning I heard that James O'Keefe was going to be at Washington University in Saint Louis. I had some free time, so I headed over hoping to get an interview. James graciously consented and I talked to him about the rise of citizen journalism. The video above begins with a 45 second overview of the protest on the quad to help set the context of O'Keefe's visit to St Louis. Below are some pictures from Monday, links to other coverage, and some recommended reading for aspiring citizen journalists.

James O'Keefe at workJames O'Keefe at work

Another Citizen Journalist

Bill HennessyBill Hennessy

gulag guardOne of the "gulag guards"—even in the Land of the Free, regulation prevents him from lighting up

Cross Coverage:
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