Friday, November 16, 2012

Lisa Jackson: Working the EPA's Graveyard Shift

Earlier this week The Daily Caller reported that EPA chief, Lisa Jackson, used an 'alias' email account:
The name Richard Windsor may sound innocuous, but it is allegedly one of the secret “alias” email accounts used by Obama EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson.
Remember that name: Richard Windsor.

The Daily Caller continues:
“That is the name — sorry, one of the alias names — used by Obama’s radical EPA chief to keep her email from those who ask for it,” Chris Horner, senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and author of the new book “The Liberal War on on Transparency,” told the Daily Caller News Foundation in an email.
Just one? Richard Windsor is just one of the aliases used by Lisa Jackson!? A member of President Obama's administration commands a squad of sock-puppet email addresses. It's like JournoList meets the West Wing.

And this is not the first time that the EPA has had issues with transparency. During the Clinton administration, EPA chief Carol Browner had her computer hard drive reformatted and ordered backup tapes to be erased at the same time a federal court ordered her to preserve that data.

Government transparency advocate, Chris Horner of the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) filed a lawsuit in September over Jackson's use of secret email accounts (court filing). The suit seeks to compel the EPA to comply with FOIA requests about those accounts; however, the EPA continues to stonewall.

Over at National Review, Horner has raised the question: Who is ‘Richard Windsor’?
Ms. Jackson is the “eco-warrior”, “most progressive EPA chief in history” — pushing Obama’s backdoor march (other ways “of skinning the cat”) toward cap-and-trade. 
Or, as you may come to know her, “Richard Windsor.”
While today "Richard Windsor" may be the sock-puppet of EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, I think a related question is in order: Who was Richard Windsor?

Richard Windsor was a Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) enforcement attorney who, in 1997, began working for Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). In an article announcing Windsor's new job staffing a PEER sponsored environmental hotline, he had this to say:
``Once upon a time, Florida [had] an environmental agency that tried to enforce environmental laws,'' Windsor said. ``That's not the case now.''
Windsor was an attorney in a court case in 2000 involving Florida's DEP. That same year, he corresponded with then EPA director Carol Browner. We know that because of footnote #39 on page 20 of a 2004 letter from Eric Huber of the Sierra Club addressed to Michael Leavitt of the EPA. We know that Richard L. Windsor was an attorney involved in a 2003 case involving Florida's DEP.

And, sadly, The Florida Bar News reported that Richard Lee Windsor shuffled off his mortal coil on December 7th, 2008.

Can't an environmental lawyer be left to feed the tree in peace? Seriously, why is a member of President Obama's administration, Lisa Jackson, leveraging the credibility of a deceased environmental lawyer, credibility that Richard Windsor accrued over a lifetime, to further her own agenda?

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CultureVigilante said...

So, not only do dead people vote, dead people also further subversive Obama administration agendas. Agenda 21?