Monday, November 5, 2012

#MOAG: Ed Martin on the 2nd Amendment

Ed Martin, Republican candidate for Attorney General of Missouri, talks about 2nd Amendment issues and endorsements ahead of Tuesday's election. Martin's opponent, Chris Koster, was endorsed by the NRA despite the fact that both Martin and Koster received the same "A" rating from the group. When two candidates earn the same rating, the NRA has a policy of endorsing the incumbent.

Martin was endorsed by another 2nd Amendment group, the Gun Owners of America (GOA). In their statement endorsing Martin, GOA said:
Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund is proud to endorse Ed Martin for Attorney General. 
Ed Martin is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment who is dedicated to protecting the rights of Missouri’s gun owners. 
As state Attorney General, Ed will stand against unconstitutional intrusions of the federal government. He understands that the U.S Constitution is a check federal power—not a grant of unlimited authority.


jpg4 said...

The NRA only considers how a candidate acts on the 2nd amendment issues and nothing else seems to matter. Thus, the endorsement for Koster, an Obama supporter. Obama and H. Clinton support the UN small arms treaty which infringes on the rights of American citizens to "keep and bear arms". As a supporter of Obama and his policies, Koster is not the right choice for NRA endorsement or for Missouri gun owners.
I can only think that GOA looks at all the freedom and liberty issues of a candidate before endorsing any one. That is as it should be.
Due to this endorsement by the NRA I'm reviewing my membership in that organization, and I'm supporting Martin.

dsm said...


It's not just how a candidate acts, it's how they act as a legislator--that's all that the NRA seems to consider. I guess they must also consider whether mayors, governors, and presidents sign/veto gun legislation, but that doesn't come into play for a lot of state wide offices.

I noticed this in the GOP primary race for Lt Gov where Kinder was endorsed over Lager. Both had A+ ratings, but the last time Kinder had cast a vote on a 2A issue was at least eight years ago. Don't get me wrong, Kinder's solid on gun issues, but the NRA's endorsement system leans heavily in favor of incumbents and candidates like Ed Martin pay the price at the polls.