Saturday, June 30, 2012

Video: Scott Rupp on Healthcare Exchanges and his Campaign for Missouri Secretary of State

On Friday, Republican Missouri Secretary of State candidate Scott Rupp spoke to the St. Charles Pachyderm Club. Rupp talked about the recent Supreme Court decision to uphold Obamacare and, in particular, his work as a Missouri state senator to stop the implementation of health exchanges in Missouri. Rupp played a role last September in thwarting Gov. Jay Nixon's attempt to implement the Healthcare Exchange envisioned in Obamacare here in Missouri. Rupp also discussed the importance of the Secretary of State's office for Missouri businesses and the office's role in fighting voter fraud.

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stlgretchen said...

Gee, that's interesting Rupp doesn't want federal involvement in health care. He sure wants it in education. He grilled Chris Nicastro (commissioner of education) on why she didn't apply for Race to the Top funding (Federal money with strings attached) for education.

Is this the fiscally and constitutionally type of Republican Secretary of State voters want in Missouri?

If Rupp had understanding of NCLB, he would understand this "free" money just enslaves the state and schools to the Federal Government even more.

He sounds like a Democrat wanting more federal mandates that the state has to pay for.