Monday, August 29, 2011

Video: Ed Martin: Voting is not Enough

From the YouTube description of the video above:

Ed Martin, congressional candidate, speaks on state sovereignty, interposition, and voting - at Nullify Now! Kansas City on August 20, 2011.
This is no time for just voting. Voting is not enough. But in both parties, we have too many leaders who think that's the answer.
We ought to have governors around the country who say NO!
Where are the representatives who will stand up and say NO. Not just vote no, that's not enough.
It's not enough to just run these folks out of office, although we should. We also have to win the argument.
The front line is going to be the question of how states are going to assert their sovereignty.
The question of state sovereignty and the question of how we'll fight back begins with the states. But, the most important thing to remember is this, the starting point is us.

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