Saturday, February 6, 2010

Project Vote Loots Missouri Taxpayers

Big Government is investigating a robbery in Jefferson City. Apparently, an ACORN spin-off, Project Vote, pillaged $450k:
In March 2007, Project Vote contacted Missouri SoS Robin Carnahan about possible violations of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA). In the following months, employees of the SoS were in contact with Project Vote to address these possible violations. After various Sunshine Requests and “investigative” studies, Project Vote along with its allied organizations sued Deborah Scott, Director of the Missouri Department of Social Services (DSS). An initial court order in July of 2008 forced DSS to comply with Project Vote’s interpretation, but that wasn’t enough. Faced with a change in governor (and party), a judge with a history of favorable Carnahan rulings, a lack of money, and without the protection, guidance or assistance from Robin Carnahan’s office, Missouri’s Department of Social Services settled in June of 2009. Project Vote and its teams of lawyers were able to plunder $450,000 from Missouri taxpayers in attorneys’ fees for a case they never had to prove – namely a preposterous reading of the ”motor voter” law that puts the burden of registration on state officials as long as they aren’t the Democratic Secretary of State.
Notably, this occurred on Robin Carnahan's (D-MO) watch since she's been the Secretary of State in Missouri since 2004.

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