Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Profile of Dana Loesch

Dana Loesch

The River Front Times has a great profile of St Louis Tea Party leader Dana Loesch. My favorite bit in the RFT piece is her comment about C-SPAN:
Stylistically, Loesch says she sought to emulate entertainers like Howard Stern and Jon Stewart. Her daily prep consists of reading widely online, from NPR to biggovernment.com to the New York Times to coverage from ABC's Jake Tapper. C-SPAN? Rarely. "I could sound all academic and say I like watching it because it's good for our democracy," says Loesch. "But honestly I like it best when they diva out and start hollering. I like it the way I like to watch Cops."
Dana has several comments.


Unknown said...

Ms. Loesch lost some credibility when she debated with O'Reilly tonight about reports of racial epithets (along with spittle) being hurled at Congress members as they walked up the steps to the Capitol Building.

I heard Limbaugh today, too (rare occurrence for me anymore) ... no video evidence, then we should suspect MoveOn.org members in the crowds as the disguised culprits.

Those reports may be true or not, but conspiracy rumors won't resonate with anyone but the hard-line Tea Party members. Just because we believe that this Congress is "trampling on the Constitution" does not necessarily require that the black Congressman from Missouri was lying about the incidence he allegedly encountered.

Remember how we all were shocked at the vitriol and accusations of lying that were constantly hurled at our former President for the Iraq War? I'm embarrassed to see the Right beginning to do similar things.

O'Reilly tied Ms. Loesch's argument in a knot, which she circled around again to try to reiterate ... to no avail again.

It's why a growing number of us have left the Republican Party for Independency. Tired of all the power-grabbing, the partisan rejoicing at America's damage at the hands of policymakers on the other side of the aisle (all for future political gain), and the "Us vs. Them" groups that are beginning to materialize.

My belief: They are all just different degrees of evil on both side of the aisle in our levels of government.

dsm said...


I haven't seen the O'Reilly interview with Dana, so I can't comment on that.

I understand why you say "they are all just different degrees of evil," but I have to disagree. They are the same degrees of selfish, self-serving, and self-important politicians on both sides of the aisle. Using the word "evil" dehumanizes them in a way that isn't fair and it allows you to disengage politically. Don't do that. Your nation needs you far more than it needs its self obsessed leaders!