Wednesday, June 5, 2013

#MO8: Jason Smith Wins: Time to Keep Him Honest

This past Tuesday, Missouri State Rep Jason Smith (R-MO) won the special election in the Show-Me State's 8th Congressional District. His victory was overwhelming. He bested Democrat Steve Hodges by 40 points: 67% to 27%.

Now the real work begins.

During the short campaign leading up to this special election, Smith articulated his fiscal conservative opposition to the run away spending in Washington, DC. While speaking about the farm bill, he made it clear that he would like the food stamp portion to be split-off into a separate bill. He also advocated a move away from direct subsidies to farmers in favor of a policy of farm insurance.

In a rural district like Missouri's 8th CD, Smith will face pressure from the special interests that rely on farm subsidies. It now falls on his constituents to make sure he stands strong on these issues.

Heritage Action for America is working to help those constituents do exactly that. Heritage Action is affiliated with the Heritage Foundation and this Saturday, they're hosting a skills clinic in Cape Girardeau:
Holding Congress accountable can be tough work. Whether you are new to the fight or a seasoned activist, the Heritage Action Skills Clinic will help you better engage Congress, so your voice can be heard. Join fellow liberty-minded, conservatives for this FREE training as we provide the tools to take meaningful action.
Sign-up for the clinic now and make certain that our newest Representative remembers the principals, values, and people that have gotten him to our nation's capitol.


freespeak said...

Because of his comment on a previous video about Monsanto involvement in farms, we need to get an honest answer on this one, below.
Does it mean a slippery move towards support for ANY part of the food bill, or is he just against the top concerns with food stamps etc.
There is so much in the bill, would certain amendments sway him?

Thanks, and try to have a wonderful day :)

freespeak said...

I meant Farm bill, not food bill on last comment(though you may as well rename it).
But he did vote yes for the Farm Bill, as with the rest!
Are they afraid of no support from leeching Americans?
It's time to send him a message, already.

freespeak said...
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freespeak said...

FAIL right off the bat!
Words mean nothing.