Friday, February 27, 2009

St Louis Tea Party Pictures

That is the best picture I took at the St Louis Tea Party. That girl is just beaming. Those kids were having a great time on a cold day and I hope they got some hot chocolate afterward!
That's me with my 8 week old protest babe. Thanks to whoever took the picture—I found it on facebook. The other half of my social security plan had a play date, so there are no pictures of her.

I planned to interview people and upload the interviews to YouTube; however, even though my camera had charged overnight, it was DOA at the event. I think it has a charging problem or the battery's shot.

I had backup options. I brought both my video capable cell phone and my MP3 (audio-only) recorder; however, the cold weather combined with everything I was carrying convinced me that you have to either be a protester or a journalist. With better weather, maybe I could've done both.

Another lesson learned is that you need to bring a real bullhorn. The one they had could not be clearly heard towards the back of the crowd. Here's one of the speakers with the bullhorn:
My beef is not just with the government. I also feel that the media has been biased towards left-liberal causes in their reporting, so I issued myself media credentials for this event ;-) I don't think there are any great pictures of them, though they are partially visible in the picture of me at Here's the text: / Media Credentials / Congress shall make no law... abridging the freedom of... the press...

If you're a blogger, please do the same! There's no reason the implosion of newspapers cannot spread further up the media food chain. All you have to do is the job they aren't doing and do it for free with the help of YouTube....

Update: Thanks for the picture Shamed! I think that's the best shot of my little one. As you can see she fainted when she heard that DC's already spent >$11k on her behalf.

Update 2: Thanks for the link Tim! Another good picture. It was a good idea to crop-out my bad hair. Thanks again!


Shamed Dogan said...

It was great meeting you! I managed to get a pic that included your credentials here:

Hopefully we can have a few Tweetups between now and the next Tea Party.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the kids did get hot chocolate! My daughter just finished reading about the American Girl Felicity and the American Revolution Tea Party! I decided to take her to the start of this revolution. I keep finding their pics everywhere. Keep up the good work reporting and blogging! I'll have to start figuring out how to do all of this stuff--we have to get people informed!

dsm said...


Email me (dsm012 -at- gmail dot com) and I'll send you the original. You could get a decent 5x7, maybe even 8/10, print from it. Let me know!

Tim.McNabb said...

I snapped your pic too

Mr Patch W. Adams said...

Great Pics!

I was there but I didn't have the Pleasure of meeting any of you but I hope to see you all at the next one!

EDG said...

Keep up the great work! Our country could use a lot more dads like you. Here is something you and your friends may be interested in and something all Tea Parties should rally around:

We are trying to get support behind a grassroots organization that is in its start-up phase. We want all candidates for Congress to run as Common Sense For Congress candidates.

Got to the web site and learn more and ask your favorite candidate to run as one.

Thank You.